A recount of our snowdrop planting

On wednesday 12th october school councils went on a bulb planting trip at stanley park.When we got there it was raining really bad and we went under shelter and then mrs Walpole let us share an umbrella and i was sharing with Jessica.when we got to the place where we were supposed to go there was already 100 holes dug in the ground.We started planting our bulbs and we got gloves and a digging tool.A little while after we dug and planted our own holes then Mrs Walpole let us have a drink but i didn’t get one.After that it started raining again but we were still doing what we were supposed to and it was really fun.When we were going back to the visitor place me and josh watched what blackpool was like in the olden days and it was very interesting and i noticed I had mud on my tracksuit bottoms.We were going to get our goodie bags and we got cola drinks and then josh tried to peek through the bag.We got back on the minibus and i was humming the songs and then we got back and we got changed into our normal clothes .

Thank you very much for the recount Tilly. I hope you didn’t get a drink because you didn’t want one and not because you got missed out !

Our first Science lectures of the year – Nanomaterials and the Physics of Sound

A group of 11 upper Key Stage two children attended the lectures at Blackpool Sixth Form College on Monday 16th October. The lectures were presentations by two groups of Sixth Form Students who were presenting to the Ogden Trust for their Awards. The Science was at a very high level and even Mrs Walpole and Mr Rider learnt new things.

Below are some of the children’s thoughts which they hastily wrote when we arrived back at school.

We are looking forward to the next lecture on 21st November – SOLAR PHYSICS by Professor Robert Walsh from the University of Central Lancashire

A new snowdrop trail – Planting bulbs ready for a wonderful show in early 2018

Some members of our School Council had a ‘wet’, but enjoyable experience at Stanley Park this morning. We had a beautiful spot overlooking the lake and we planted over 1000 bulbs between the eight of us. The snowdrops should look lovely in January and February and I am definitely going to visit them. They are to form the backdrop for an Annual Bereavement gathering in conjunction with the Snowdrop Centre, Blackpool, but can be enjoyed by all as the wander past the display. Each year more bulbs will be added.

It was really interesting to find out how far people may travel to visit Stanley Park and to see our snowdrops. We added pins to show where we had come from.

Free Family Engineering Open House Event at Daresbury Laboratory – 29 July 2017


Unfortunately this event is in the holidays and I can’t take you all, but I wanted you to know about it in case you can get yourselves there ! Please see the email below that I received for further details.

Dear all

I am emailing to tell you about our Public Access Days here at Daresbury Laboratory http://www.stfc.ac.uk/about-us/where-we-work/daresbury-laboratory/ which are a fantastic way to see behind-the-scenes at our world class facilities, speak to the scientists and engineers who work here and learn about how we study the world around us.

In collaboration with the Engineering Open House Day initiative on Saturday 29th July we are opening up our engineering facilities to run tours, a science fair of engineering demonstrations and interactives alongside activities and a public talk that will be provided by our special guests Bloodhound SSC http://www.bloodhoundssc.com/

This Half Day Event is aimed at families but please note all children must be accompanied by an adult. It is a FREE event but will require booking onto using the following link:


Please spread the word as this is a unique opportunity for your students and their families to get involved in what will be a fantastic free event!


Wendy Cotterill

Senior Public Engagement Officer

Please direct any enquiries about this event to wendy.cotterill@stfc.ac.uk, , Senior Public Engagement Officer, Darebsury Laboratory.


And finally…a competition to give a science ‘explanation’ about why their egg transporter protected or ‘didn’t protect’ the egg resulted in the following winners…

Sophie, Josh, Harry and Harleigh. Their entries can be read on our ‘Science Week’ display in school.

A fantastic week was had by all.

Thank you !

The winners of our Upper School competition are:

Chelsea, Courtney, Bonnie and Chloe.


I am very pleased to announce the winners of our ‘egg-citing’ competitions !


The winners of this competition are:

Denton, Yiannis and Hayley.


Explosive food – Watch out ! Year 5 know all about it after their visit to Blackpool Sixth Form today

With many thanks to Charlotte Still for organising the event.